One to One Nutrition and/or Fitness coaching

One to One Nutrition and/or Fitness coaching

Once you've signed up as a client, you'll fill in your Pre-Consultation Questionnaire.  You will then have a full Nutritional Consultation (in person or video-call) with me to uncover your current diet, your lifestyle, habits, goals and other details.

I will work with you to find the method best suited to your lifestyle in order to reach your goals.  You will remain in contact with me throughout so that with my support you'll stay motivated and accountable.


Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

Full 60-90 minute Consultation (in-person or via video call)

Nutrition Pack giving personalised feedback and recommendations with details of the Plans & Strategies to follow


Weekly check-in forms for accountability.

Sample meal plan (if required)

Optional Fitness Program or audit of current program (if required)

Lifestyle tips