Dear Sally I went Skiing this weekend and I was able to wear my Ski pants WITHOUT a belt, because I was able to close the button! Plus I skied from 10am - 1pm with only short breaks and felt fit and capable to carve without my legs burning. You've really helped me a lot to find the way back to a more healthy and active lifestyle. Thank you."

EC, Switzerland

 Dear Sally I am soooooooo happy with my progress. I can wear my old jeans again. This is not the end for me, but just the start. I've enrolled in a new local fitness class and I'm really looking forward to it. I'd like to continue with your coaching program - thank you again, your butt-kick program was just what I needed."

ES, Switzerland

 Guess What?..... My old jeans fit again!! Thank you."

ER, Switzerland

 Yes this is me! Thought I'd show you my before and after photos. I know not everyone wants to stand on stage in a tiny bikini, but this was my challenge, my goal. I wanted to achieve something I'd always believed I couldn't. I proved to myself that it can be done, even over the age of 40 - with hard work and consistency."

SD, Switzerland

 I love following your program, you've helped me to know what to eat and how to train. I'm so much stronger. I get so many comments about how I look and how much stronger I am at hitting the ball in golf. I can't thank you enough."


 I attended your Nutrition Workshop and learned many new things. It was a nice atmosphere and I could tell that you really know what you're talking about. I liked that what you say is based on science and that it is honest. I started changing some little things the very next day and I'm already seeing results."

ER, Switzerland